Candidates We Support

Candidates We Support


Beth Connor

  • 3 Kids in RTSD

  • Special education teacher

  • Community oriented volunteer

"Community Service and meeting the needs of others is at the core of who I am.  If elected, I will make common sense child-focused and community-minded decisions which continues Radnor's tradition of academic excellence."

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Dave Falcone

  • 3 Kids in RTSD

  • youth baseball coach

  • leadership on Radnor boards

"We remain divided as a community. I believe there is a path forward, together, that can restore confidence in the process, trust in the Board, focus on the kids and respect for the community."

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Bob Whitehead

  • 3 Kids in RTSD

  • 5th generation Radnor family

  • youth football coach

"I love Radnor. My Goal is to return balance to the board. My only agenda is fighting  for the best outcomes for our children, parents and taxpayers. If elected, the 'R' beside my name will stand for Radnor."

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Laura Foran

  • Alumni and parent of alumni

  • 20 year RTSD employee

  • advocate for marginalized students

"Most of the funds for the $30mm athletic field upgrade project could have instead been use for education, for example to teach foreign language in elementary schools or an outreach program to bring diversity to the RTSD staff"

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