Reimagine Radnor History

Reimagine Radnor grew from the Reopen Radnor Safely group of parents that advocated for a safe return to in-person learning last year.  Today, we are a bipartisan group of dedicated Radnor parents who came together because we believe that poor leadership and bad decisions made by the four incumbent School Board candidates running for reelection directly hurt our schools and our children.  


We believe it is time to hold them to account. 


Reimagine Radnor’s board is made up of 4 Democrats, 1 Independent and 3 Republicans. 

We judge political candidates by their actions – not by their party.  This is not about being a Republican or Democrat – it is about fulfilling a fundamental educational need for each and every student in Radnor.  

Any suggestion that our group is “partisan” or "right wing" is a lie.  Perhaps it is a lie to distract from the terrible track record of certain School Board members. 

We are a large and diverse group, and while we disagree about plenty of national political issues – we all agree that we have lost faith in certain incumbent Board candidates and believe that we can no longer place our children’s future education in their hands.

We want to refocus on our students.  We want to restore fiscal sanity.  We want to Reimagine Radnor.

We want board members who understand the needs of our schools and students and who will listen and better represent the Radnor community. This is why we are proud to endorse Beth Connor, Dave Falcone, Laura Foran and Bob Whitehead.

Candidates for Change