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Dear Radnor Friends

Dear Radnor Friends,

We are aware that in the past few days, there has been some chatter on social media—some initiated by individuals running for local office—that is factually inaccurate and misleading.

We believe in honest dialogue and transparency and so, to that end, we’d like to clear up any confusion about who we are and what we believe.

Radnor moms Anna Moreland and Kim Kent initiated Reimagine Radnor. Anna and Kim are both registered Democrats---Anna never voted for a Republican for School Board until May 2021. Both women have a love and passion for education. Anna is a professor and Kim is a former elementary school teacher.

Both are independent thinkers who disagree with past decisions of the current incumbent board members---despite sharing the same party affiliation. Anna and Kim are strong, educated, professional women who decided to get involved to give voice to parents who were angry about school closings.

In recent weeks, Anna and Kim have both received disturbing emails such that Anna had to file a police report. As such, we prefer to keep the names of the other board members out of the news. Perhaps some would brush off these scare tactics, but we take them very seriously.

Our movement to ensure a safe return to in-person learning for children, which began organically as Reopen Radnor Safely in August 2020, amassed a significant following in Radnor, including individuals across the political spectrum who share a common belief that the incumbent board candidates made poor decisions and can no longer be trusted to lead our schools.

The fact that Anna and Kim are being portrayed as “far right” is utterly foreign to who they are and what they believe. Demonizing them because they disagree on certain policies is wrong and it doesn’t reflect well on the Radnor Democrat leadership. We encourage Radnor residents to review our Facebook page and website---you will see there is no “right wing” agenda.

We believe that our desire to ensure that our children return to school for full-time, in-person learning is not a Republican or Democrat issue.

It’s a parent issue.

Others agree. Since our inception, we have attracted over 100 volunteers from the community--Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike-- who care about one thing---taking politics out of our school board and prioritizing our children’s education.

We don’t care about politics. We care about our kids. Decisions made by current board members over the past 18 months created an environment where we simply no longer trust them with our children’s education.

  • We believe that keeping kids out of the classroom was wrong. This should never be an option again.

  • We believe that voting to raise school taxes after a massive county-wide reassessment was wrong. This is a terrible financial hurdle for our friends and long-term residents on fixed incomes.

  • We believe that partisan name calling of constituents is unacceptable.

It is unfortunate that the Democrat leadership is focused on attacking 2 independent-minded Democrat moms simply because they disagree with the party’s chosen candidates for school board.

It is unfortunate that the Democrat leadership is more focused on identifying and labeling who is a Democrat and who is a Republican.

It appears that some of our friends in the community cannot imagine Republicans, Democrats and Independents working together.

We work with Democrats.

We work with Republicans.

We work with Independents.

And probably a lot of undecideds.

We think this is a good thing.

Because we think we’re better together. We believe that we can have differences and still find common ground. We believe our diversity of thought and willingness to work together is what defines Reimagine Radnor and we think the same should apply to our School Board.

We believe that restoring balance of thought to our board is the best way to serve our children, our schools and our community.

It is also worth noting that a majority of funds raised by Reimagine Radnor have come from individual voters--most of these donations are under $100. Reimagine Radnor received one donation from a PAC (Back to School PA) that believes as we do---that our children should be taught in person every day. Our largest donor to date is a Radnor parent and a registered Independent.

Some of you have asked about Patrick Krason. Mr. Krason was recommended to us as a marketing strategist that would help grow our Facebook page. We don’t know anything about his politics because we don’t ask anyone about their political affiliations. However, we realized early on that his services were not necessary and we preferred to run our own page. We never paid him and he has never posted or been active on our Reimagine Radnor page. He is not involved with Reimagine Radnor.

We look forward to making the remaining weeks all about the candidates who are on the ballot November 2.

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